TASB Cut-A-Thon For Autism, 2014

3 Jul

Stylists and Barbers: Our Heroes!

The story of what TASB volunteers can accomplish when we come together is like magic. As stylists and barbers, we know we are wired to care: We listen to our clients and respond to their needs. But TASB volunteers have done something more: We stepped out from behind our chairs and created a service- and charity-focused community that crosses state boarders and creates a positive impact on people’s lives, Wow! To say “thank you” just doesn’t say it enough. But if you’re a volunteer, you know it. You feel it. You see it in the eyes of those you help.

Inspired? Don’t miss out on the action (and the fun)! Take that first step in choosing to give your time and talent to TASB. Your generosity will far outlast your efforts.

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TASB Volunteer, a Big Heart for giving!

9 Apr


Jimmy Dickens and colleagues are gearing up for our 2nd,  24 hour TASB Cut-A-Thon for Autism, August 25 & 26, 2012.

A Cornerstone of the Community

“Growing up, a child learns early on that the barber shop is where a man can let out his frustrations or his feelings,” says Dickens. “You trust your barber, and you can tell him things.”

Dickens, who previously owned barber shops in Marietta and in his home state of North Carolina, says he set up shop in Kennesaw six years ago. Since then, he says his Main Street shop has grown to become a “cornerstone of the community.”

“If you have a good barber shop in the community, people will support it,” he says. “People have given their life to Christ here in the shop.”

“Faith is very important to me,” says Dickens, who is a member of NorthStar Church. “Trust me—the way we grew up, you had to have faith.”

“We were extremely poor, and my mom and my sister—we lived in the Salvation Army for maybe five or six years,” he says.

“There was a time when I couldn’t go out and play. Me and my sister would just look out through our window at the Salvation Army and play ‘that’s my car.’ I think about that during rough times in life,” says Dickens.

“That was a time when I couldn’t go anywhere. But now I can go wherever I like.”

Giving Back

Dickens says his childhood has influenced his call to give back to the community.

The barber shop hosts food drives and Thanksgiving dinners. It also offers free hair cuts to struggling mothers and unemployed people who are getting ready to go out for job interviews.

“Anybody can be down on their luck or going through a dry spell,” says Dickens. “It’s our job as a cornerstone of the community to help them through the hard times.”

Kids who can’t afford their own video games are welcome to come in and use the Playstation 3 set up in the back of the shop.

“I feel the parents with their kids come here because they don’t have to hear a bunch of vulgar language. They get encouragement,” says Charles Barnes, an employee and longtime friend of Dickens. “(Dickens) is a leader out front. He’s always concerned about the kids.”

Dickens says he’s been mentoring and speaking at local schools for years. He currently runs a mentoring program with kids in Kennesaw, Acworth and Canton. He also started a program for families living in transitional housing, offering free hair cuts and setting up talent shows for the kids.

Barnes, 41, says he met Dickens about 20 years ago when they worked together in North Carolina. Years later, Dickens helped him through a rough time by offering him a job and a place to stay.

“When I moved here, he created a barber station for me,” says Barnes. “He allowed me to live with him until I got on my feet, until I got established here. That goes to show the kind of person he is. He don’t forget his friends. He doesn’t mind giving a hand up.”


The Possibilities are Endless!

10 Jan
Good times!

Good times!

Since the inception of TASB in 2008,  we have watched this community of stylists and barbers blossom into what it is today. As a hairstylist of 30+ years, I had a dream of creating a hairstyling book, I am living my dream.  Meeting many stylists, barbers and wonderful clients, who have become such dear friends, and the support of my family, TASB has been created and is here to stay. You might go to hair shows where you see many colleagues but TASB really brings  stylists and barbers together. I can’t describe what’s happening with TASB, it’s like  magic, and the great part about it is you can bring TASB  to your community.  We are here to help you in any way! You be the judge and check out how strong stylists and barbers can become when we join forces to make a difference in a persons life.

As TASB continues to grow the possibilities are endless.  We will  share with our readers how TASB is making a change for the better. My hope is to see you as a TASB volunteer gracing the pages of  Recognition with Style magazine. Enjoy!!

Elaine Lord,

Founder, Publisher,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (TASB) The Association of Stylists & Barbers,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Recognition with Style magazine


Our Volunteers Rock!

30 Dec

Crank up the volume, gang! Here’s some of our talented volunteers cutting loose.


Not a TASB Volunteer yet? Make it your New Year’s resolution to join our cause. Do good, feel good. And have fun for the better of the world!